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1. In a multi-line circuit, this wire carries the unbalanced load.
2. This is a device for changing voltage.
4. A word electricians use to describe metal pipe.
6. Abbreviation for the National Electric Code.
8. In a 3-way switch, you need these (some call them travelers).
10. The best electrician I know.
12. Type of ceiling fan used to circulate air in a home. They became popular again in the 1980's.
14. You need at least 2 20 amp. _________ in the kitchen area.
16. Abbreviation for plastic electrical conduit.
18. A type of fixture that usually hangs over a dining room table.
20. Type of light that fits up in the ceiling space.
22. ________ lights give great light and are economical to operate.
24. A wire that is intact from one end to the other has________.
26. You follow a _____ when wiring a house.
28. To lessen the light output of a bulb you use a ______.


1. Electricians follow the _______ ______ ____ for their compliance.
3. _______ are installed in a panel to keep excessive amperage from passing through a wire.
5. Installed in the ground by the meter base. It is 8 feet long! 2 words.
7. To get wires from one place to another, electricians will _____ a wire (not pull).
9. Holds the meter the power company will read (2 words).
11. Abbreviation for a Ground Fault Receptacle.
13. Joins 2 or more wires together in a junction box.
15. Type and brand of wire used in residential wiring.
17. Same as #5
19. When the ground and the hot wire are touching in a circuit, it is a ______ circuit.
21. Turns a light off and on.
23. ________ are used to check for power (it's not fingers) and other electrical existence.
25. The potential between the ground and a live wire is_________. Electromotive force.


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